What You Should do as a Programmer or Web Developer During Lockdown

What You Should do as a Programmer or Web Developer During Lockdown

Are you a bit stressed from being locked down in your house?  Are you not sure what you should be doing with your time? Check out the video or follow along to find out more.

Hi guys, this is Nick from Mobile Code Media.  So today I want to talk about what you should do as a programmer or web developer while you’re locked down at home.

If you haven’t done so already, the first step is to make sure that you’ve got everything that you need for your household.  If there are supplies you lack, then focus on getting those. Take care of what needs to get done before you do anything else.  Once your family is safe and you’ve got whatever supplies and protection you need, then it’s fine to move the focus back to your career.

The second step is to not worry.  Imagine it’s just a normal day but you’ve got a flight that you need to catch tomorrow at 4am.  So that’s really early and maybe you’re not used to waking up that early, because you’d really need to wake up at like 1am or 2am, so you’re a bit nervous that you’re going to miss your flight.  So often, people will spend the entire day before worrying about missing their flight. But worrying that much isn’t going to help you. Don’t worry, but spend a little energy figuring out what to do that is actually going to help you.  Maybe you decide that you’re going to go to bed at 8pm so you’ll wake up on time. Once you’ve set that goal, you’re done….just move on with your day and stop worrying about things you can’t help. The same goes for this. You have a general plan and that’s good enough until something else comes up where you need to change your plan.  Remember, the overwhelming majority of things that people worry about don’t even end up happening, thankfully. So worrying won’t help.

The third step, now that you’re not spending all of your energy being worried, is to keep your mind busy.  Do you have a website up that showcases your work? If not, get to building it. Do you have projects or a portfolio that you have to even showcase at all?  If not, get to it. Figure it out as you go. By the way, I recommend Bluehost for most small projects like portfolio sites because their uptime is pretty good and they’re cheap and my affiliate link is in the description if you want to support my channel.  Once you’ve got your basics and fundamentals down, don’t get stuck in tutorial hell. You don’t need another practice project after that. Get to building something that actually solves a real-world problem and you’re going to be forced to learn tons from that.  Figure out what you want to build, not what you’re currently able to build, and keep busy trying to figure out how to bridge that gap. Stay out of tutorial hell.

If you’re not sure where to start and you know nothing about programming, then I really think you should take an HTML/CSS course either on YouTube or you can check out ones on Javascript or NodeJS or PHP:

I really recommend WordPress sites since they’re easy to set up, deploy, and manage so maybe check out a video on how to do that:

I’m going to make a video on domains soon, but I like using Name.com and have been using them for years.  If you want to support the channel, then feel free to use my affiliate link at http://mobilecodemedia.com/domains , but you can register a domain from whatever registrar you want, just get something registered somewhere, get hosting, and get your site up asap.  It doesn’t need to be perfect, but you need to get started.

So try not to waste this time that you have where you don’t need to be driving around and running errands.  Once you and your family are safe in place, make use of this time to further your career and don’t just lay around the house.  We will all get past this eventually, and you’ll want to hit the ground running when we do get past it. Don’t focus on things that you can’t control, and move that energy to focusing on things that you have power over.

I know that we’re all developers or at least developers in training and it’s easy to sit at your computer all day and not get up, but make sure that you take a few minutes to get up, stretch, go outside, and smell the roses….just don’t go too too far.  Life is short, so enjoy it.

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